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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Its been a difficult time for my family since my last post.  We found out this past Wednesday that my chemotherapy treatments over the last nine weeks didn't work.  My cancer has spread although my oncologist said it's nothing like my initial diagnosis in 2008.  So we picked up our chins and discussed the next step.  I will be start this Wednesday with a chairside treatment for 3 hours then come home with a fanny pack machine which will pump chemotherapy in my system for 48 hours.  It's a rough regiment, but I know that I can handle anything due to my faith and relationship with God.  I have been researching diets for patients with cancer and searching for answers.  I'm fortunate to have a strong and supportive family and friends.  My time at out of the house over the next three months will be limited.  I plan to make the most out of my good days and survive this bump in the road.

I was able to get out yesterday and stopped by the Goodwill for found this lovely pitcher from England for $7.00.  Makes a lovely addition to my current collection of Ironstone. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


UFP you are wondering what that stands for - Unfinished projects.  How many of you have UFP's sitting around in your home?  I have to many - unfinished baskets, unfinished crafts and unfinished quilt projects.  Every year my two sister-in-laws participate in the Northern Michigan Relief Sale Color Challenge which is held in Mio, Michigan the 1st weekend of August.  Participants are encouraged to submit your finished project.  The project consists of five fabrics to complete the project.  You may also add up to five additional fabrics.  Your finished project can be any size up to 40 x 40 inches.  Proceeds from the sale benefit missionaries in the field.  Included is a photo of my fabric stash.  I will keep you posted of my progress and post the finished project soon.  Also are two photos of quilt squares sewn by my grandmother.  I believe each are at least 50 years old.  Any suggestions on how to incorporate them for other projects?

Fabric Stash
Square from Grandmother

Square from Grandmother

Monday, August 8, 2011

Colonial Weekend

Colonial Kensington - Actors will portray settlers and American Indians bring Michigan's history to life as the two day event kicks off at Martindale Beach in Kensington Metropark, a few miles east of Brighton, Michigan at 2240 W. Buno Road.  The event highlights include more than 200 costumed re-enactors representing the years 1700 - 1796.  18th century merchants selling authentic and reproduction home decorations, clothing and toys, music instruments and Punch and Judy theater entertainment.  The 18th century crafts and demonstrations including carpentry, medicine, blacksmith, tinsmith, candle making, cooking, quilting, sewing, woodcarving and storytelling.  The event will be held August 13 - 14, 2011. 

Doesn't this sound like fun.........


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not much to post this week.  This was my third week of chemotherapy and last week really knocked my socks off.  I didn't recover until the weekend rolled around.  Yesterday I had another infusion and was surprised to sit next to a former co-worker.  We were diagnosed within 6 months of each other over three years ago and lost track of each over while going thru treatment.  Monday I attended my first group support meeting at the Cancer Support Community and found it to be extremely helpful to talk to current patients who are experiencing the same symptoms and fears.  We meet once a month.

Now I'm going to have a two week break for chemotherapy and that's a little slice of heaven.  It will allow my levels to come back to normal and give me a break and have my quality of life back in place.  I plan to start basket weaving again and working on a few quilting projects for Christmas presents. 

I hope to post again next.  Thanks so all for your well wishes and good thoughts.